We loved this garden landscaping design project for our customer in Gosport, Hampshire. Tour client needed a patio area to relax in but didn’t want the whole garden paved. They also needed a low maintenance artificial lawn area for their grandchildren to play. The best bit was everything else was up to us to create within their budget!

As a result we turned the old garden in to this:

The first part of this project was to level and remove the old top soil and vegetation ready for our new landscaping design.

We were able to gain side access to the garden so with the removal of a fence panel or two we set John to work on our mini digger to really set this project on the right track. Once the ground was ready for the next stage we bought in the hardcore sub base and as you can see below set about compacting this ready for the next stage of landscaping.

Once the base was ready we then proceeded to layout the new garden design and set in place our granite edging to help sculpt the new garden areas!

The Finished Garden Design

Once the edging was complete we were able to create the new natural riven sandstone paved area, compliment the already laid granite edging with the addition of a granite chipping section and also lay the excellent Namgrass artificial lawn. We also made good the fencing so you couldn’t even tell we had removed it in the first place.

And once again a quick reminder of what this garden looked like before we worked our magic!

The finished garden landscaping project was a wonderful low maintenance garden area that combined three distinct zones in to a single cohesive design. When it comes to planning your garden landscaping project we are happy to provide you with as much advice and assistance as you want. We are extremely experienced in providing stunning new garden designs and we can design a garden to suit your needs.

This project is an excellent example of how simple, low maintenance designs can sometimes be just as impressive as more complex garden designing!

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