You clean your home in Islington on a regular basis, but you clean and clear your garden as well? It’s important for you to work to keep your garden clean and clear, not only to improve it aesthetically, but also to ensure that your plants, flowers, trees and lawn are growing properly. If you’re looking for some tips to help you keep your garden in the best shape possible, then you don’t need to look any further!

Getting garden cleaning and clearing supplies.

To clear your garden in Islington, N1 properly you’re going to need to have the right supplies. If you’ve just had your garden renovated or redesigned then you might have lots of rubbish and rubble to dispose of – if this is the case you might want to think about hiring a skip for your waste disposal. If not, you’re still going to require thick gardening gloves and refuse sacks. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your green recycling bin is clear, so that you can get rid of garden waste.

Clearing large items.

Once you have the items you need you can start by clearing away larger items of junk or rubbish. This could be rubble or brick if you’ve renovated your garden, or it could be large branches or fallen trees if you’ve been experiencing bad weather. Make sure to dispose of your garden waste properly – green and natural rubbish can be thrown into your green recycling bin, while bricks, rubble and stone must be disposed of in a skip or by being taking to your local tip.

Clearing smaller items.

From pet mess to children’s toys, your garden can accumulate a lot of rubbish over time. Get rid of any smaller rubbish bits from your garden after dealing with the larger items. If you do have a lot of gardening tools or children’s outdoor toys thrown about, you might want to consider purchasing an outdoor storage box to keep your garden clear in the future.

Cleaning your patio.

If you have a patio then you’re going to want to clean it properly to keep it looking as good as new. Using a strong hose, or a jet washer, spray your patio until very damp, and use a stiff broom to scrub at dirt. For tough dirt marks and stains, try adding a capful of bleach to a bucket of warm water, and use this to buff at your patio. Make sure you get rid of any weeds that might be growing in the cracks and crevices of your patio, and use a weed-killing product to prevent their return. While you are at it, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your patio furniture too.

Hiring professional help.

If you want a clean, clear and tidy garden without having to put in the effort then you might want to think about hiring gardening professionals. There are lots of gardening services in the Islington area that could help you with garden clean up, garden waste removal and other such garden care services. Hiring gardening experts for your garden is a great way for you to get professional help, and you should be able to hire the services you need for a cheap and affordable price. Ask friends and family for gardening company recommendations so that you can find a reliable company, or have a look online and read customer reviews to find the right company for you.

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